Her Work

  April Stults (April Gutierrez) began writing for publication in 2008 and is the author of several genre novels spanning from romance to children’s academic literature. She is currently a writing coach helping others with their writing craft.

She currently lives in Florida with her husband and 4 children. She interacts with her followers on her TikTok page, @AprilStultsBooks where she focuses on positivity and daily motivational messages.

Her Journey

 April Stults Books was rebranded from April Gutierrez Books. Over a decade of publishing solely for adults, April began writing across all age groups. The result was a  a children’s book series, Adventures of Milo the Doodle Cat and her work in progress: The Immortal Witch series.

She actively engages with followers on TikTok (having taken a leave of the other social platforms). The most current project, still in development, is the creation of the Milo the Doodle Cat YouTube channel that will offer behind the scenes, story read a louds, and how to videos directly from April’s home office.

Why Choose Us?

Purchasing directly from an author not only creates a buying relationship you also are supporting a person’s dream to be a self sufficient book seller. Meaning, no starving artist syndrom.

Amazon certainly likes money, which is why they make a healthy percentage from every book I sell. In real terms, if I want to offer one of my books for $0.99, Amazon’s royalty structure means I have to take a significant hit on my share of that sale. For a $0.99 ebook, Amazon drops my royalty to 35% of the sale price. That’s right, Amazon gives me $0.35 of every $0.99 priced book I sell through them. While the royalty to authors jumps up to 70% on any book priced between $1.99 and $9.99, and is certainly light years ahead of royalties earned by traditionally published authors, there is one really big problem with selling through a retailer. They do not pay out my earnings on a sale for 60 days. Some of the retailers have a minimum threshold on what they will pay out on. How would you like to have your income held back for two or more months?

 I can afford to offer you savings by buying direct from me, because I have cut out the middleman, I can afford to pass on savings to the reader. I can actually afford to offer my books at a discount from the Amazon price if I do it through my website. ​You will be able to read my new books long before they become available on the big sites, and…​I will be offering products that will never be available on Amazon, like exclusive novellas, short stories, and hard cover copies.​I offer bonuses and extras along with the sale of new releases through my site. ​I can sell cool stuff ​in addition to books. Merchandise, related to my books is something that would be more difficult to do on the big sites, but quite easy through my website.​ I get paid immediately after the sale and do not have to wait for 60 plus days to see revenue. How is that good for the reader? The answer comes down to cash flow. All of my writing is self funded. That means I can’t get books edited or covers made until I have the funds available. The sooner I get paid, the sooner I can afford to put out the next book in the series. The end result is that you, the reader, will get more stuff from me, more often.